About the name

I got codejam.info years ago, with the idea to build a tech blog to share tips, thoughts and resources about code.

You can check my article Naming things for the full story behind it, but in short, it was meant to associate the concept of a jam session with programming.


A jam session essentially consists of people improvising music together, regardless of their level and without necessarily knowing each other, in a very spontaneous way, only agreeing on a very basic set of rules (chords, tempo, time signature), and creating something unique and beautiful.

This is a very powerful concept, and it resonates with my vision of building software which is why CodeJam sounded like a perfect fit for my blog.

What about Google Code Jam?

I later learnt that this name was already used by Google, for the Google Code Jam international programming competition, which is unfortunate, but I kept that name since I still believe in the message it symbolizes.

Jamming further than code

It turns out that with time, my interests shifted from being solely centered on programming and I now use that same domain name to share plenty of different things that I’m passionate about, whether it’s photography, music, sports, brewing and so on, so it’s now more about the “jam” than the “code”.

I also realized that the powerful concept of the musical jam session not only vibed with my approach to programming, but also with my approach to life (just that), where I like to create environments where a diverse group of people can spontaneously get together and feel like expressing themselves freely, allowing unique and beautiful things to happen.