About the name

I got years ago, with the idea to build a tech blog to share tips, thoughts and resources about code.

It took me a while to settle on a name for this blog, and CodeJam was my favorite. I’m both a music and free software enthusiast, and to me, the philosophy of a jam session applied to code pretty much sums up my approach to building free software, hence the name CodeJam.

Indeed, a jam session would allow a variable number of musicians that don’t necessarily know each other and don’t have the same level, to play together without extensive preparation other than a set of chords, a tempo and a time signature, mostly just improvising.

My vision of building free software is pretty much the same, to improvise code with whoever wants to participate, in order to build something functional and beautiful[1]. This could relate in some ways to the bazaar model of development.

I later learnt that this name was already used by Google, for the Google Code Jam international programming competition, which is unfortunate, and somewhat inappropriate, since a jam is intrinsically collaborative, as opposed to competitive, let alone that a jam’s purpose is pretty far from winning cash prizes and a job in a big corporation.

I kept that name since I still believe in the message it symbolizes, and it took me long enough to find a name that I don’t want to go through that process anytime soon.

  1. In practice, I mostly just end up coding alone, but I guess that’s fine. ↩︎