PostgreSQL: swap tables with dependent views

May 4, 2024

Sometimes, you need to do some maintenance on a table, and doing a table swap is a good tool to avoid downtime (e.g. if the maintenance would lock aggressively and run for a long time). The idea is as follows:

  1. Clone the source table.
  2. Perform the maintenance.
  3. Make sure they’re in sync if needs be.
  4. When the maintenance is over, in a transaction, drop the source table, and rename the clone to the original name.

It can get a bit more complicated than that if you have foreign keys, but I won’t cover that in this article.

However, another way it gets more complicated is when you have views that depend on the table you want to swap:

DROP TABLE example;
ALTER TABLE example_swap RENAME TO example;
ERROR: cannot drop table example because other objects depend on it
DETAIL: view example_view depends on table example

In this case, we need to update example_view (and all other views that depend on example) to reference the example_swap table before we perform the actual swap.

If this is a one-off swap, fine, but if you’re doing the swap as part of some automated maintenance task, that won’t do it.

Automatically swapping dependent views

In my case, the dependent views don’t change very often (if at all), so I went with a static list of the views that depend on the table I need to swap.

Then I use the following script to swap the views:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION pg_temp.replace_view_table(view_schema text, view_name text, old_table text, new_table text) RETURNS void AS $$
    view_definition text;
    SELECT definition INTO view_definition
    FROM pg_views
    WHERE schemaname = view_schema
    AND viewname = view_name;

    view_definition := REPLACE(view_definition, old_table, new_table);

    EXECUTE 'CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW ' || view_schema || '.' || view_name || ' AS ' || view_definition;
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

This function will redefine the view to point to the new swap table. It does a basic search and replace in the SQL definition of the view, so you need to make sure the table name doesn’t conflict with anything else in there.

Note: I’m using pg_temp so that the function is local to the current database connection. I don’t want to leave it around permanently in that case.

You can now perform the swap as follows:

SELECT pg_temp.replace_view_table('public', 'example_view', 'example', 'example_swap');
DROP TABLE example;
ALTER TABLE example_swap RENAME TO example;

The renaming of the table will automatically propagate to the dependent views, they won’t keep referencing the now gone example_swap table, they’ll properly point to example! 🥳

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