YouTube comment notification but no comment on video

January 23, 2021

Since about a year that I’m actively posting videos on YouTube, I’m regularly getting new comments.

I’ve been having an issue that whole time where sometimes I get a notification for a comment (via email and in the notification bell on YouTube as well) but the comment is nowhere to be seen on the video.

I’ve actually seen 3 different outcomes for this issue.

Top comments

The first one was that the comment wasn’t displaying when in “top comments” display mode under the video, for some reason.

But when switching to “newest first”, it would actually come up and I was able to reply to it!

Newest first

Held for review & likely spam

The second possibility was that the comment ended up in the “held for review” or “likely spam” tabs that you can find on the comments section on YouTube Studio.

Going there you can approve the comment and then reply to it, and it will appear under your video.

Held for review

By the way the “likely spam” tab is gone for me, but I remember seeing there in the past and people online still mention it, so it might work for you.

Just gone

The third option though was that the comments were just completely gone, nowhere to be seen. Changing to “newest first” didn’t help, and they were not in “held for review” or “likely spam” either.

Maybe the user deleted their comment, but at least one of them was from a close friend and I could ask him directly if he removed his comment, and he surely did not.

This have been happening regularly all year and it’s so frustrating because it happens on nice, positive and constructive comments that I really wanted to answer, and none of those were against the YouTube rules and none of them seemed like a comment the user would go back to a couple days later to delete.

It happened one more time this week and I decided to try to find a solution again.

I found that support center thread where a lot of other users have the exact same issue.

Sadly this only showed me that I wasn’t alone with that problem but there was no working solution there.

Except one of the last comments that was mentioning the YouTube Studio app, and that’s when I considered the fact I was only going on YouTube Studio via my desktop browser, but I’ve never tried the mobile app.

Use the mobile app!

I went and downloaded the YouTube Studio mobile app, and went to the comments section, in the “held for review” part, and here they were! The comments that I couldn’t find earlier were there, and I could actually approve them, and then reply to them.

Sadly this only keeps the comments from the last 60 days so the ones from earlier last year that I knew disappeared are gone forever, but at least I now have a solution for the future times this happens!