What strings for BeaverCreek travel size acoustic electric guitar

January 22, 2021

A couple months ago, I bought a BeaverCreek travel size guitar!

I even made a review of it on YouTube, check it out:

It’s a cool guitar, and after 6 months, it’s about time for me to change the strings. However since it’s a pretty unconventional size guitar, I was unsure what gauge to get.

I couldn’t find anything online about what strings it came with out of the box, the BeaverCreek website only says “D’Addario strings”, and none of the retailer websites mention the gauge either.

So I contacted BeaverCreek from their website, and Nigel answered me with all the details about the strings! Since I think this is valuable information that should be easier to find online, I’ll copy his answer here!

Thanks for contacting BeaverCreek Instruments.

Our travel size guitars are strung and shipped with D’Addario EXP16.
These are a light gauge (12-53) coated phosphor bronze string for longer lasting tone and playability.

The EXP product line has been upgraded and the new equivalent is called XT.
EXP strings may still be available from your local retailer.
The standard light gauge EJ16 is also a great choice for this guitar.

Here are the product numbers to look for:


Thank you Nigel! ✌️

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