Franc Moody bass tone on Logic Pro

January 29, 2021

I’m obsessed by the bass tone in the Franc Moody songs.

If you don’t know that signature tone, you can find it in many of their tunes, for example in:

I also made a cover a while ago where I tried to reproduce this tone, essentially trying to mimic a wah effect using Logic’s AutoFilter, in combination with a LFO that varies the cutoff frequency.

You can hear it after 1:00 where the main line starts.

More recently, I was working on a cover of Lose My Cool, which also have a similar tone, but this time I went with a simpler path, which yielded surprisingly good results.

Like most of the time, I started from the Modern Stack bass amp in Logic. I disabled the default Noise Gate and Channel EQ it comes with, and I tweaked a couple settings on the amp:

Amp settings

Then I added the Pedalboard plugin where I put the Phase Tripper pedal, with the default settings.

Pedalboard settings

This gives something in a pretty similar vibe as the Franc Moody legendary bass tone!

You might want to add some EQ in the mix, maybe to dim the high frequencies as the phaser can create a lot of noise there.


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