On-Stage WS7500 workstation review

November 15, 2020

I bought this workstation on B&H a couple weeks ago, and I just love it! So I’m gonna tell you everything I like about it in this article, as I found there’s not a lot of content about it online. I wrote mostly the same review on B&H, but I’ve got some extra formatting here. 😛

Why did I get that workstation?

First, I got this workstation to be able to have both my computer keyboard and my synth in front of me when producing, which is something I couldn’t do with my former “regular” desk (not as deep, and no shelving) and the WS7500 does a fantastic job at that.

Real estate

I don’t even use the keyboard tray for the keyboard as I find it a bit too low for me so I just use it as extra storage, but the fact there’s an upper platform for the screen and such gives me so much room that I can put both the synth and the computer keyboard in front of me on the main surface.

Note: I have some felt pads under my synth which makes it just high enough for my keyboard wire to go under it, leaving me with a super neat and clean setup.

The upper platform is pretty big as well, I can easily fit my 23" screen as well as 2 studio monitors. I was worried it would be a bit cramped there but it’s not! And it’s pretty deep as well so I still have plenty of room on the top platform to put random stuff there if I need to.

OnStage WS7500

I like that there is two possible positions for the upper platform (closer or further back). I put it closer to me because I’m in a pretty small space, but if you have the room, you can put it further back so it opens up a bit more the main surface.


It was pretty straightforward to build, only the keyboard tray required me to think a bit but the rest was dead simple. And I could mount it by myself, no extra help needed!


I really like the color, I find that it looks even better in real life than on the product photos.

There’s some tiny imperfections on the surface, notably two minor bumps on the right side of the main surface, and two super small “clear” spot on the wood texture on the left and front edges of the top surface.

So yeah, it’s not 100% perfect, just 99.9% perfect. That’s fine with me, especially for the price. Well, about price.


I bought it from B&H for 214.95 USD, with free shipping and 45.54 USD of prepaid duties and taxes. That made a total of 260.49 USD, which was 352.93 CAD at the time I bought it.

At that price, that’s the cheapest workstation of its kind that I could find online.

That said it seems that the base level for this kind of workstation on the market is pretty high in the first place, as even the cheapest one is solid AF and really delivers (and is not like super cheap either, if you consider that I buy most of my furniture from Ikea or Amazon, which makes this desk one of the most expensive piece of furniture that I own, and it was 100% worth it).

Also major props to B&H for allowing me to prepay the duties and taxes, so I could just forget about it after ordering, and which likely made the shipping faster. Well, about shipping.


Lastly, it shipped and arrived super fast even though it ships from the US (for free!) and I’m in Canada, so that was a great surprise, kudos to B&H for that!


This workstation is fucking awesome, I love it.

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