My settings for Panasonic LUMIX LX100

May 22, 2020

This article, well inspired by Medo’s My settings for Panasonic LX100 article, lists my custom settings for the LX100, which is the camera that use for photography and video shooting.

Also the full manual is useful to get all the details about different settings.

Similar to Medo’s approach to his article, this mostly serves as a reminder for me to which settings I’ve changed from defaults (also heavily inspired by Medo’s article) and why did I do so, as well as remembering the purpose of some of the settings whether I tweaked them or not.

The tables below are organized in the same way the LX100 settings menus are, and I’ve put in bold the values that I changed from default.


Name Value Comment
Photo Style STD I like the look like that
Picture Size L Greyed out since I use RAW
Quality RAW
Metering Mode Multi-Metering
Burst Rate H
Auto Bracket (default)
Self Timer 10 Usually I use Q.MENU to set the custom timer when I need it so then I’ll put 2, 10, or 10/3)
Highlight Shadow (default)
i.Dynamic OFF I manually turn it on on video recordings sometimes, using a function button
i.Resolution OFF Not a fan of the effect
Simultaneous record w/o filter OFF Greyed out since I use RAW
iHandled Night Shot OFF Greyed out since I use RAW
iHDR OFF Greyed out since I use RAW
HDR OFF Greyed out since I use RAW
Multi Exp (default)
Time Lapse Shot (default)
Stop Motion Animation (default)
Panorama Direction LTR I dont use this, I like to take multiple RAW shots and do the panorama in post
Shutter Type AUTO This will use mechanical shutter if possible and electronic shutter otherwise unless in silent mode where it’s always electronic
Flash (default) I rarely ever use flash
Red-Eye Removal OFF Never had red eye issues
ISO Limit Set OFF
ISO Increments 1EV
Extended ISO OFF
Long Shtr NR ON
i.Zoom OFF Greyed out since I use RAW
Digital Zoom OFF Greyed out since I use RAW, this is just cropping zoom anyways so I would rather do it in post
Color Space sRGB From what I’ve read online, don’t change that unless you actually know what you’re doing
Stabilizer Vertical & horizontal
Face Recog. OFF
Profile Setup OFF Kids and pets stuff

Motion Picture

Name Value Comment
Photo Style STD I like the look like that
4K PHOTO OFF At first I thought it’s nice to enable for 4K video recording because the preview shows the 4K crop so there’s no surprise when composing before recording, and you can use the shutter button to start recording which is nice, but this forces 4K 25p and I record in 24p, so instead I change the default preview size setting to video mode when I want to compose my frame for video recording (I assigned a function button to this setting so it’s always handy)
Rec Format MP4 More convenient to handle than AVCHD for my needs
Rec Quality 4K 24p
Picture Mode motion picture priorities I don’t take pictures while I record, but if I was to, I don’t want that to alter my recording
Continuous AF ON I wish I could change that with a function button, for some static shots where the camera and the subject doesn’t move, I prefer to have continuous AF disabled as otherwise it happened to me that autofocus decides that some random shit in the background is the subject and should be in focus, and my actual subject ends up out of focus even though my initial focus point was solid, but for other shots where my subject and camera is moving a lot, I rely a lot on continuous focus especially when I’m actually not behind the camera to adjust focus all the time
Metering Mode Multi Metering
Highlight Shadow (default)
i.Dynamic OFF I manually turn it on for video recording sometimes (note that this setting affects both photo and video regardless of the menu you set it through), I never want it for photos as, since I shoot RAW, I can lower exposure manually a bit while shooting and adjust the shadows in post, which is essentially what this feature is doing, however since this camera have no RAW-like format for video, using i.Dynamic yields better results than doing an equivalent processing in post since the shadows are raised in-camera before the encoding of the video
i.Resolution OFF
i.Zoom OFF Greyed out since I use RAW
Digital Zoom OFF Greyed out since I use RAW
Mic Level Disp. OFF
Mic Level Adj. LEVEL3
Wind Cut AUTO


Name Value Comment
Utilize Custom Set Feature OFF At first I used those to switch between profiles whether I want to shoot pictures or record videos, but sometimes I make some adjustments like turning on or off continuous AF and I realized the hard way than when you do so, the setting only stays the time the camera is on, but if you turn it off and on it will be reset to whatever was saved in the selected profile, and I’m never gonna remember to either save the profile again when I do such an adjustment for a shooting session or to do that adjustment again every time I turn off and on the camera, so I just don’t use profiles anymore
Silent Mode OFF I turn it on when I need it
AF/AE Lock Hold OFF
Shutter AF ON
Half Press Release OFF
Quick AF OFF
Eye Sensor AF OFF I don’t want the camera to refocus automatically when I start to use the eye sensor
Pinpoint AF Time MID I mostly don’t use pinpoint AF
Pinpoint AF Display PIP
AF Assist Lamp ON This never bothered me
Direct Focus Area OFF
Focus/Release Priority RELEASE I’d rather have a blurry picture than no picture at all
AF+MF OFF I never manually adjust autofocus, if I want manual focus I go in manual focus mode
MF Assist control ring
MF Assist Display PIP Picture in picture works for me
MF Guide ON
Peaking ON I like to have the blue dots to highlight the focused area
Histogram ON (bottom right) Always nice to have an histogram
Guide Line 3x3 Great for composing shots
Highlight ON This blinks overexposed parts of the shot in the preview after taking a picture
Zebra Pattern ZEBRA2 (100%) Show a zebra pattern in the overexposed areas in the preview zone
Monochrome Live View OFF
Constant Preview OFF
Expo.Meter ON Display aperture and shutter speed values when you change them
Dial Guide ON
LVF Disp.Style Monitor style display layout I like to see the bigger picture
Monitor Disp. Style Monitor style display layout Same
Monitor Info. Disp. ON
Rec Area Picture I have a function button mapped to this so I change to motion picture when I’m going to shoot video and want to compose reliably
Remaining Disp. Picture
Auto Review 2SEC
Fn Button Set Fn1: Rec Area, LVF: i.Dynamic I set Fn1 to Rec Area to quickly switch to video crop or full picture size according to what I’m doing, and I remap LVF to i.Dynamic as I like to use it on some video shots, so it’s handy to have it here especially that allows to quickly preview and compare what i.Dynamic would look like at different levels
Zoom lever (default)
Control Ring OFF Too easy to move the wheel by accident, and it still works for manual focus even if disabled here which is actually what I want
Zoom Resume OFF
iA Button Switch Press and hold Too easy to hit by mistake with Single Press and I always realize too late that I was in iA mode
Video Button ON I like to record videos
Eye Sensor (default)


Not a settings menu, but just to keep track of the settings I actually left default in the Q.MENU.

Name Value Comment
AF Mode 49-Area I tend to use that for photos, however I flip to Face/Eye Detection for video recordings where I want to stay focused on faces (no shit Sherlock)
Sensitivity AUTO ISO Unless I want to go manual temporarily
White Balance Auto White Balance

Bonus: NTSC mode for 60 FPS

For some reason even though I’m in Canada, my LX100 came in PAL mode which only allows me 24, 25 and 50 FPS.

While I don’t really care about not having 30 FPS, even though that would be the standard for non-cinematic footage in my country, I kinda want to have the 60 FPS option instead of 50.

I mean not really, because it’s only 1080p anyways, but I guess for slow motion I’d rather have the option of a proper camera looking footage in 1080p or a GoPro looking footage in 2K, than just be stuck with the GoPro.

So why do I want 60 over 50? Well, first if I slow down 50 FPS two times in my 24 FPS timeline, I’m gonna be dropping one frame every second, and that idea is making me more uncomfortable than it should. While if I shoot 60 FPS, I can slow down by 2.5 and get not only a slower slow motion but a perfect 24 FPS that’s consistent with the rest of my footage without dropping frames.

And THAT is neat.

So, how to do that? Well this post on DPReview gives a pretty neat solution.

With the camera off, press Right + DISP. + AF/AE LOCK simultaneously and turn the camera on.

Then press Playback (to enter the playback screen).

Then while pressing Up + AF/AE LOCK, turn off the camera.

If you see a yellow triangle, you got into service mode, turn it back on, set your favorite video mode, shoot and smile.

Here you go! And this operation is reversible:

If you decided not to shoot videos for online use anymore, you can exit service mode by turning on the camera, then:

Pressing MENU/SET + Right, while turning the camera off, to get the option of factory resetting the camera.

After factory reset, the yellow exclamation mark disappears, just like the 30/60 FPS video modes, so you can shoot for PAL TV frame rate for VHS, according to the original Panasonic design (shame on you, Panasonic…).

I don’t mind the yellow exclamation mark when I turn it off, so I just leave that all the time. Actually, that might even make a fun conversation starter when I’m shooting with fellow filmmakers!

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