urxvt terminfo on NetBSD

March 11, 2015

When installing urxvt (rxvt-unicode) on NetBSD, the corresponding terminfo is not installed automatically.

The pkg_add installation notice is effectively telling to either define TERM=rxvt (rxvt is supported by default), or install the provided terminfo from share/examples.

After reading terminfo(5), I found that I needed to use the tic command to compile a terminfo database, and that every user can have its personal database in ~/.terminfo.cdb. This command did the job:

tic -o ~/.terminfo.cdb /usr/pkg/share/examples/rxvt-unicode/rxvt-unicode.terminfo

For a global installation (for all users), we can append the terminfo file to the global database, and compile it:

cat /usr/pkg/share/examples/rxvt-unicode/rxvt-unicode.terminfo >> /usr/share/misc/terminfo
tic /usr/share/misc/terminfo

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