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March 25, 2015

Coming soon. This is what I wrote like 10 months ago next to the “Blog” section of my personal home page (no, this article is not about PHP).

Well, since I know myself well enough, I originally added a title attribute saying: “Between 1 week and 1 year, maybe”. According to the date of this very post, it’s needless to say it was more one year than one week.

The need for a blog

I should write a blog

It’s been a while I’m periodically thinking: “I should definitely write a blog”. It often happens when I want to share how-tos, interesting stuff or thoughts, about programming, Unix systems, networking, or computing in general.

Meanwhile, I kept these ideas as text files in my todo directory, because:

  1. I need them for myself (“how did I do this already?”).
  2. I planned to share them in the future.

According to ls todo/blog | wc -l, I currently have 102 items in there. Nearly one year of accumulated stuff, mostly really small how-tos, and collections of interesting links.

There’s also a bunch of ideas I don’t think worth a blog article, or are not relevant anymore. IT is moving fast, and things can become obsolete in less than a year (well, especially on the web).

Anyway, in the following days (or months, if you begin to know me), I’ll try to publish most of these resources on this blog. Since I have the precise creation date of every single file in my todo directory, I’ll publish them in the past. Because I can.

Prose? Yet another programming language?

I use to write for computers[1]. Will I write well enough for humans?

Writing a blog is for sure really different from writing code and technical documentation. I need to get used to it. Feel free to contact me if you have any comment or advice to give me!

  1. This is not exactly true, because I try my best to make my code also understandable by other people. But you get the idea. ↩︎

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